strawberry juice recipe, strawberry drink

Strawberry juice, a fresh fruit juice simply made by extracting the juice of strawberries in a blender which is a very healthy option to drink which contains lots of minerals and nutrients.

How do strawberries look like:

These are oval in shape ranging from bright red in color to maroon color which are quite juicy from inside and have a taste ranging from sweet to slight sour.

These are available in plenty almost in every part of the world and are easily grown in any part of the world.

In India, it is now easy to find this wonder fruit and it is available easily in every grocery store and super markets.

How can these strawberries be stored:

  • Strawberries tend to lose its freshness easily and have to be stored very carefully in refrigerators.
  • The key step to storing them fresh for few days is to wrap them in a paper towel in order to remove the excess moisture attached to the berries and then taking the strawberry box, placing a tissue paper around the box and finally placing the dried strawberries into the box.
  • This method helps in the berries remaining fresh for few days.
  • Another method to keep strawberries fresh for a long time is to wash them well, remove the stalk of the berries, dry them well and then place them in an air tight container or in sealed bags.
  • The air tight container or sealed bag can be placed in refrigerator which helps in retaining their freshness for few days.

Strawberries are quite healthy and are packed with amazing health benefits and this is a fruit that should be included in our daily diet as it definitely is the most healthiest fruit and wonder fruit with lots of vitamins present inside it.

strawberry juice or strawberry drink

What can be made out of strawberries or how can these be used:

The strawberries can be used in variety of recipes such as cakes, chocolates, ice creams, jelly making, different juices, milkshakes, it is highly used in making puddings, desserts etc…

I have seen amazing cake varieties made using strawberries and it is also used to make delicious syrups which can be used in many recipes such as cakes, fruit juices etc…

Strawberries should always be thoroughly washed before consuming.

I have already shared some of the strawberry recipes on my blog such as strawberry milkshake, strawberry smoothie and are highly requested recipes which have been posted along with video procedures.

I have shared recipe instructions for this simple and easy juice recipe which does not require much time and ingredients and can be blended in just few seconds and consumed fresh.

How to make strawberry juice recipe:

strawberry juice recipe

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strawberry juice recipe

A quick and healthy juice made using strawberries.

Prep Time5 mins

Cook Time3 mins

Total Time8 mins

Course: Drinks

Cuisine: Indian

Servings: 2

Calories: 130kcal

Author: Asiya


  • 8-10 fresh strawberries
  • sugar – to taste / honey
  • 1 1/2 cup water
  • handful of ice cubes


Strawberry cleaning:

  • Take each strawberry, wash them well under running water, cut out the stalk of the strawberry.

  • Take a blending jar or a juice jar, add the strawberries into it, add some sugar, ice cubes, water into the jar.

  • Cover the lid and blend well for few minutes.

  • Take serving glasses and pour the juice into the glasses.

  • Garnish the juice using strawberry slices and serve chilled.


  • Adding sugar is totally optional and for a more healthy option I would suggest adding honey to the drink which turns out more healthy.
  • Adding honey or sugar is necessary as the strawberries taste slight sour and adding some sweet content balances the juice or drink completely.
  • Instead of water, milk too can be added along with some strawberry syrup or strawberry ice cream to make it more yummy and tasty.
  • This drink does not need to be strained and can be served directly by pouring into the glasses.


Calories: 130kcal

Hope you liked this simple and easy to do quick recipe made with just 2-3 ingredients in a handy blender. Do give us your feedback and also share your versions on making different ways of strawberry juice.





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