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SaltGinger MashOilGarlic MashChopped OnionCinnamonClarified ButterGreen Chili PeppersugarCardamomTurmeric PowderSour YogurtLemon JuiceClovesBay LeafHot Spices PowderCumin PowderOnion MashPilau RiceRed Chili PowderBlack Pepper PowderDry Red Chili powdermilkFried OnionCumin MashRaisinsChopped GingerCoriander LeavesonionWaterCoriander PowderFlourCuminDry Red Chili PepperHot WaterTomato SauceButterEggChickenPoppy Seeds MashHot SpicesMung BeanTomatoDry Red Chili powder (half dust)Chopped GarlicOlive OilCumin SeedsSaffronMustard OilWhite Pepper PowderBlack PepperCucumberMustard SeedGarlic ClovesPotatoesRicePrunesMaceNutmegBashmati RiceBread Crumbgreen chili pepper pasteVinegarMint LeavesChopped green chiliVegetable OilChopped Coriander LeavesChopped Garlic Clovesbrown sugarBroccoliPeasecodChopped Green Chili PepperRose WaterCarrotButter oilGarlic Pasteasafoetida (Hing)MuttonCashew NutGarlicCauliflowerGingerCardamom PowderWatermelon (sliced)LemonSoy SaucePea-flourChicken (small pieces)Chicken StockBeefChopped TomatoPlain YogurtChopped MintMintChopped Potatoes--------------- FOR MARINADE---------Sea SaltCoriander seedsSunflower Oildried bread crumbsketchupVarious VegetableChopped Spinach LeavesSoya Bean OilChopped Pistachio--------------- FOR GRAVYWoodnut MashGreen Cardamom--------------- FOR MEATChopped PotatoOil or Clarified ButterBasil LeafCondensed MilkMilk CreamKeora WaterEgg (boiled)Cashew Nut MashRohu fishMayonnaiseOnion (large)DuckBeef (Boneless)Sweet YogurtCurry PowderChopped Curry LeavesDistilled White VinegarFenugreek SeedsMinced GarlicOnionsBalsamic VinegarGround CuminHeavy CreamSkewersSliced Ginger------------For Sauce-----Minced Mutton or BeefTurmericSliced Tomatogreen chilliesChicken BreastOliv OilLatucecom tortalisorange juiceiceFried Mung beanground beefsalt and pepperprepared mustard1. Egg2. Flour3. Vanilla Liquid4. Baking Powder5. Sugar6. chocolate syrup7. vanilla powder8. Cake Improver9. Sugar Syrup10. Food ColorSalted Butter1. Sayabari2. Beef with bone3. Cauliflower4. Brokoli5. Carrots6. Peasecod7. Basamati Rice8. Chopped Onion9. Mashed Onion10. Mashed Ginger11. Mashed Garlic12. Chilli powder13. Coriander Powder14. Cumin powder15. Cinnamon16. Cardamom17. Cloves18. Black pepper19. Malabathrum leaves20. Oil or Clarified Butter21. Green Pepper22. SaltPistachio PowderSmall CardamomCinnamomum ZeylanicaWhite PepperCarrot CubePotatoes in cube shapeCarrot (make small piece)MangoChopped BeefMint Leaves mashChopped Onion FriedTomato PasteMutton without BoneMutton or BeefYamsFine RicePotatoNutDry Red Chili Pepper powderPaprika (ground, dried, fruits of Capsicum)Biriyani MasalaSesame oilPineapple JuiceGarlic JuiceOnion JuiceCinnamomMace Powder------------ for Pilau--flavorBrinjalRed CapsicumCoriander MashOil (for meat)Milk PowderCardamom, cinnamon, numeg, mace, cumin powderShrimp (Medium Size)Carrot and PotatoesCheese (sliced in large pieces)Black saltSweet Yogurt (cold)Riipe MangoCherry (without seed)Litchis (without seed)Grapes (without seed)Ripe MangoIce-cream (mango flavored)Boiling WaterWhipped CreamWatermelon (scoop)Clove powderChopped CucumberBarramundi FishOil (for Frying)Climbing Perch FishChopped Basil LeafPomfret fishKoral fishOkraLime LeavesHilsa (Large)Fish SauceOyster SauceTesting SaltArrowrootBeansChicken (without bone)Basil Leaf PowderGinger, garlic and onion MashOnion PasteNoodlesCabbageCarrot (thin slice)Chinese CabbageCornflowerBaby CornMushroomBengal GramCapsicumMustard Paste-----------For Filling-----Chopped Cabbage (1.5 inch size)Onion (chopped as cube shape)Nutmeg-Mace PowderOnion (small/uncut)Powder MilkMixed PulsesLiverFenugreekFried Onion PasteBrain (Goat)Saffron (mix with half cup of milk)AlmondDry Red Chili MashSoy Bean OilLimesChopped MangoesChopped Crystallized GingerWhite Wine VinegarCaster SugarMarrowSpiced VinegarTomatoesMint SauceFenugreek Leaves MashWhole PecansMelted ButterHoney MustardPepperMixed Salad Greens, including fresh baby spinachGoat CheeseDried CranberriesRed Bell pepperChicken (boneless)CurdSesame SeedsLettuce LeafWhite Bread SliceJaggeryVanilla essenceAlmondsChicken Breast (Boneless)Courgettes (sliced thinly lengthways)Monkfish tailRosemary SticksBoiled New PotatoesLamb (cut into 1 inch cubes)Red Onion (peeled and quarteredDry Red Chili Pepper (deseeded and cut into 1 inch)Smoked PaprikaWhite WineShrimpWhole EggsSeparated EggsMustardCayenne PowderBrandyLarge Crevette King PrawnEgg (beaten)Chopped thymeChopped rosemaryBarnsley ChopsOrange (zest cut into matchsticks, juiced)Chopped Steam GingerRuby PortRedcurrant JellyFrozen Peas (defrosted)--------------- FOR PASTRY-------------------------------FOR PASTE---------------For Puri--------Flour (maida)Flour (atta)Tepid Water--------For Prawns ------Large Prawns (without shells and veins)Pureed TomatoesCoconut Milk---------To Serve-----LimeQuailCelery StickSaffron (mix with one table spoon of milk)Self-raising FlourChopped Spring OnionsPrawns (without shells and veins)Sliced OnionBlack SoysauceChickpea BeansSplit Red LentilCoconut (Grated)Masoor Bean (Dal)Arhar BeanChana BeanMusur Beanchopped mixed mushroomsUrad dhalSoda bicarbonateground black pepper or garlic, or chilipappadam (cut into squares)urad dal/ uzhunnu parippu/ ulutham paruppujeeragarlicred chilli powdergrated coconutcurry leaveshoneyred wine vinegardried basilcrushed red pepper flakestorn salad greensShredded parmesan cheeseCucumber (peeled, grated, seeded and drained)coriandercilantro leafpeppercornsyougurtcucumber (peeled and chopped)red onion (finely chopped)cayenne pepperChopped cilantro
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